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Pegasus Park

ARPA-H Customer Experience Hub

Texas was selected by the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) as home
to the Agency’s “Customer Experience Hub”, which is one of three hubs across the nation. The
collaborative efforts across Texas and the nation to bring this hub to Texas included efforts by
our client, Lyda Hill Philanthropies. Pegasus Park’s campus was selected as the physical
location of the hub, which is a development sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies.

● 345,961,543 audience impressions

● publicity value of over $111,253

● 252 placements over two weeks

● Developed and executed communications strategy and timeline, internal

communications plan, media distribution and social media package announcing Texas

as the chosen consortium for the Customer Experience Hub

● Sourced, vetted and executed media interviews of local, regional and national markets

for Lyda Hill Philanthropies

● Provided support in media outreach for a post-announcement launch event

● Results included media placements with Associated Press, Axios, Dallas Morning

News, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, STAT, Texas Tribune, and


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