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Prism Health

Leadership Change Communication Plan

Culver Public Relations has served as an internal and external communications and media outreach resource for Prism Health North Texas for several initiatives.
When the nonprofit health care provider needed to release a senior employee, Culver Public Relations developed a communications plan targeted to their Board, staff, patients, and identified donors along with reactive statements for any media inquiries. The Culver team also monitored the organization’s social media pages for questions or negative comments posted as well as several identified partner sites. Reactive social media comment messages were developed to use if needed. The plan included messages for several different audiences along with a timeline for execution.
The step-by-step and time lined plan was implemented per the timeline with written and verbal messaging shared with each identified audience. All communications were clear and transparent without sharing private personnel information.
Internal and External Communication Plan – Partnership Announcement
Prism Health North Texas joined purchased a for-profit health care entity and Culver Public Relations wrote the announcement plan and strategy for internal and external communications.
The nonprofit group added a large, well-known for-profit clinic to their organization, moving the for-profit to nonprofit status. Culver Public Relations wrote a time line of communications announcing the change to staff, patients, Board members and donors. CPR also negotiated an embargoed video and print interview with a media outlet to have the news ready once the transaction closed. CPR wrote the script for the video interview and developed questions and answers for follow-up interviews.
Once the transaction closed, the timeline was closely followed to explain to staff, patients and donors why the two groups joined together and distribute information to targeted media outlets.

Due to the proactive and transparent discussion with all stakeholders, no negative social media posts were found and misinformation or concern was not sent to the media by employees or patients to create questions regarding the employee separation.

Employees were grateful in receiving the information first-hand from their employer, tamping down rumors and incorrect information.  Members of the Board of Trustees were given key messages to share with any external parties asking questions and identified high level donors were given an update regarding the change in staff. 

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